a one stop destination for all your IT prerequisites. Our administrations cover Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), Small Office Home Office (SOHO) and people also. Our master staff can help in giving the correct IT answers for your business. Fulfillment is ensured with Temptation Computer Systems. We are capable in the field and have an efficient and prepared group that can deal with your IT prerequisites in the best way.

  • Hardware repair including:
  • Laptop screen replacements, laptop batteries, laptop DC charging jacks, laptop keyboards.
  • Hard drive replacements/upgrades, video cards, mother boards,
  • power supplies, RAM memory modules, etc.
  • Backup Solutions (local or online)
  • Antivirus software
  • Computer cleaning and optimization. Get rid of pop-ups, annoying error messages, and speed up your computer significantly. Flat Fee!
  • Virus, Trojan, Spyware, Adware, Malware removal
  • Installation or Upgrade of Windows VISTA, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • Printing issues
  • Computer not starting up or blue screen error
  • No Internet connection
  • Wireless network set-up or troubleshooting
  • Set up and transfer files to your new computer
  • Data recovery. Recover accidently deleted files or recover data from crashed or formatted hard drives
  • Sales of brand name computers and laptops such as Lenovo, HP, Asus, Acer, Toshiba.
  • Custom built home, office, or gaming desktops
    * All new computer sales come with free 1 Hour delivery, set-up, file transferring, and any other questions you have.
  • Sales of monitors, external hard drives, printers and multi-functions, WIFI routers, UPS battery back-ups, speakers and other peripherals
  • We come prepared and stock tons of items such as: WIFI routers, external hard drives, USB flash drives, laptop adapters, notebook and desktop hard drives, power supplies, Ethernet cable (any length), anti-virus software, and much more.
    * Next day delivery on anything else we don’t stock.
  • Website design and maintenance
[tlg_icon_box icon=”ti-package” box_layout=”left” title=”Virus Removal” icon_size=”32″]Security experts are available 24×7 to eliminate viruses, Trojans, spyware, rootkits and other malware from your PC.[/tlg_icon_box][tlg_spacer height=”30″][tlg_icon_box icon=”ti-filter” box_layout=”left” title=”Wi-Fi Friendly” icon_size=”32″]The Solution is to install a Wi-Fi booster to increase the range of the router … add it to your existing home or small office network.[/tlg_icon_box]
[tlg_icon_box icon=”ti-email” box_layout=”left” title=”Data Backup” icon_size=”32″]Data Backup is the result of copying or archiving files and folders for the purpose of being able to restore them in case of data loss.[/tlg_icon_box][tlg_spacer height=”30″][tlg_icon_box icon=”ti-map-alt” box_layout=”left” title=”PC Support Services” icon_size=”32″]Ensure Services is authorised to provide support services for most leading PC making brands. Our PC Support Services[/tlg_icon_box]
[tlg_icon_box icon=”ti-stats-up” box_layout=”left” title=”Hardware Networking” icon_size=”32″]With increasing needs for more Hardware inter-connectivity has become essential homes & business.[/tlg_icon_box][tlg_spacer height=”30″][tlg_icon_box icon=”ti-panel” box_layout=”left” title=”Data Recovery Services” icon_size=”32″]Temptation Computer guarantees up to 100% of your valuable data by deploying highly skilled recovery professionals,[/tlg_icon_box]
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