Our Charges for Computer and Laptop Services
Laptop/Desktop repairs, virus removal, Computer Diagnosis and Upgrades Laptop Repair
Particulars (Computer Service Charges) Charges

Visit Charges

Remote Support, Consultant Fee (Only for Desktops & Network) Rs.     400.00

Desktop Call Charges

Desktop Call (Normal Call – E.g Application Installation / Driver Problem) Rs.     500.00
Desktop Call (Virus Issue) Multiple PC or Network Rs.   1200.00 
Desktop Call (Re installation Operating System) Rs.     800.00
Desktop Call (Fresh Installation Operating System & All Required Software and Drivers.) (License Required) Rs.   1200.00
Preventive Maintenance (Servicing) – Single Computer

Required Minimum 10 PC

Rs.     150.00

Network Call Charges

Network Call (Rj45 Connector, Cat5 Cable Problem, NIC Card Configuration, IP Address Configuration , Any Application Related to Network, Printer Sharing, Files & Folder Sharing) Rs.     600.00
Computer Hardware Health Checkup – Routine Visit

(Less then 10 Computers)

Rs.     500.00
Computer  Hardware Health Checkup – Routine Visit

(More then 10 upto 25 Computers)

Rs.   1000.00

Laptop Call Charges

Laptop Call (Normal Call – E.g Application Installation / Driver Problem) Rs.     400.00
Laptop Call (Re installation Operating System) Rs.     800.00
Laptop Call Standard (Fresh Installation Operating System & All Required Software and Drivers.) (License Required) Rs.     800.00
Laptop Call Advance (Downgrade and Upgrade Operating System & All Required Software and Drivers.) (License Required) Rs.  1,200.00

Laptop Hardware Diagnosis

Laptop Hardware Diagnosis (No Fix with Pick n Drop service / N.R / Q.N.A ) Rs.     400.00
Laptop Service (Preventive Maintenance) (Overheating) Rs.   1200.00
On site Laptop Hardware Parts Replacement Charges Extra Rs      500.00
Laptop Hardware Troubleshooting

(No Display / Dead Laptop / Motherboard Issue) (Minimum Charges)

Rs.   3200.00

Laptop Hardware Parts Price

Laptop LCD Screen Replacement (15.4 wxga,14.1wxga, 14xga -15xga, 13.3 LED) Rs.   5200.00 / 7200.00
Laptop LCD Swapping Charges Rs.    500.00
Laptop LCD Inverter (Dim Display) Rs.   1800.00
Laptop LCD Cable Rs.   2500.00 / Onwards
Laptop DVD Replacement Rs.   2450.00
Laptop Motherboard Replacement Rs. 10500.00 / Onwards
Laptop AC Adapter Power Jack (Motherboard Side) Rs.   1800.00 / Onwards
Laptop Keyboards Rs.   1800.00 / Onwards
Laptop Keyboard Swapping Charges Rs.     400.00
Laptop Hinges Rs.   2500.00 / Onwards
Laptop Body Fabrication Rs.   2800.00 / Onwards

Server Call Charges

Server Call (Normal Call – E.g Application Installation / Driver Problem) Rs.   1200.00
Server Call (Linux / Unix) Rs.   2000.00
Server Call (Fresh Installation Windows Operating System, Driver, Software, Microsoft Application, File & Folder Rights, Active Directory) (License Required) Rs.   5000.00
Server Health Checkup – Single Server (HP / Dell / IBM) Rs.   3500.00

Monitor Repair Charges

Computer Monitor Call (CRT) Rs.     500.00
Computer Monitor Call (LCD) Rs.     600.00

Printer Repair Charges

Printer Call (DMP, Deskjet and Inkjet) Rs.     500.00
Printer Call (Laserjet) Rs.     600.00
Printer Call (Higher end DMP or Laserjet) Rs.     800.00

Software Support Charges

Mail Server (Microsoft Exchange up to 25 Users) (License Required) Rs.   8000.00
Firewall (Microsoft ISA up to 25 Users) (License Required) Rs. 12000.00
Firewall (Kerio up to 10 Users) (License Required) Rs.   6000.00
Firewall (Linux Indian up to 25 Users) (GNU License) Rs. 15000.00
WSUS Server (At one location, up to 25 users) Rs.   6000.00
Anti virus Server (up to 25 Users) (License Required) Rs.   5000.00
Site to Site VPN  & Client to Server VPN (On MTNL Broadband Line) Rs.   5000.00

Residence Engineer (Full Day / Backup Engineer / FMS)

Level 1-2 Engineer ( 1 to 2 Experience ) Rs.     500.00
Level 2-3 Engineer ( 5 to 6 Experience ) Rs.     750.00
Level 3-4 Engineer ( 7 to 8 Experience ) Rs.     900.00
Happy Customers
Here are just some of the fantastic reviews
Raj Wadawa
— “Our IT person, Abhinav, is very good at what he does and has never steered us wrong. He is well educated, experienced, fair minded, listens to our concerns, performs the work that we ask of him and “tries” to keep us moving in the right direction, all while working with a budget constraint and with folks that just want to use them, not have to understand them. He’s definitely a keeper, in our mind!”
Neelam Garg
— Temptation Computer proactively maintain my computers which means that my staff and I don’t waste time trying to sort out niggling I.T. issues. Problems are minimised or non-existent which means I can concentrate on running my business.
Somya Srivastava
— I have been an AnyIt client from their first day of business, would happily recommend them and I have never felt the need to go elsewhere. AnyIT have supplied all of my computer hardware and software. I m So Happy Your Services
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